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Put your best foot forward!

21 Mar

***Current Wedding Shoe Trends***
On your big day you want to put your best foot forward. You have to choose the shoe that fits you. Every bride looks for ways to personalize their wedding, the bride’s shoes are the perfect opportunity to express personality, add a splash of color, and glam up your wedding day!  What is the key to picking the shoes for your big day? Making a statement. What statement will you make?

Here are the looks this year:

This gorgeous short pointy look is flattering in any height and taking over! photo credit: rainbow couture
High heels make a statement, and the new way to wear them is with a covered platform, giving extra height while maintaining supreme comfort.  (here are some pics to choose from)

It’s the year for bling! Whether its scattered rhinestones or chunky crystal heels with bling  that add the perfect sparkle on their bride’s wedding day!
(here’s a couple of pics to choose from)

Photo credits: aruna seth


Wearing white from head to toe isn’t necessary anymore! Brides have started wearing a modern edgy look on their wedding day by adding a splash of bold, bright, fun color with their heels!

photo credit: Kelly Sweet Photography
photo credit: Sara Gray
Trend Alert!! Brides personalizing the bottom of their shoes or finding gorgeous heels with color underneath!!
“I DO” photo credit: Al Ojeda Photography
Photo credit: Christi Nelson

Bows and flowers are popular this year. Bows, giving a flirty cheeky wink to the toe or side of a heel and flowers delicately flowing over the toe for a chic look!

photo credit: Rebekah J Murray
Photo credit: Emin Kuliyev


Comfort is a priority to many brides when it comes to the big day. Thankfully you can give up the pain of a heel without giving up style on your day! Flats are also great for beach weddings! 

Bridal Shoe tips:
-Remember to try your shoes on with your dress! You want to make sure the style and color fit with your dress for the big day
-Wearing your shoes before your big day will help soften or loosen the material so there is less of a chance you’ll get blisters the day of your wedding
-Some new shoes can be slippery on the bottom, sanding the bottoms slightly will prevent any embarrassing moments from taking place on your important day!
-Lastly make sure you are comfortable in them or at the very least you can walk in them and bring cute flats to change into for the reception!!!